Hunter Threadgill

Hunter Threadgill

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Florida State University

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Statistical and Research Consulting – I have been a consultant for several colleagues, aiding in all aspects of the research process. I will give advice on how to design your study, as well as what types of statistical analyses your study design will allow. Additionally, I will analyze your data for you and write a Results section for publication (with tables or graphs desired).

I am proficient in the following analyses (as well as designing studies for these analyses):

  • Regression
  • Categorical Data Analyses
  • Multilevel Modeling/Linear Mixed Effects Regression/Hiearchical Linear Modeling
  • Psychometrics
  • Basic Structural Equation Modeling

Marketing Research – I have experience conducting market research for large companies. I will conduct marketing research for your product or service. I am able to lead large scale research projects, directing every aspect of the process from project conceptualization to delivering the final report.

For further details, please contact me at [email protected] or via the Contact page. Additionally, references are available upon request.